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Peineili Delay Spray in Pakistan

  • Price 2000 PKR

Peineili Delay Spray in Pakistan. Available in Lahore, Karachi , Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad, Bahaawlpur , Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Rahimyar Khan, Kasur, Haripur, Abbottabad, Rawalpindi, Sadiqabad, Peineili Delay Spray in Pakistan USe in Urdu, Peineili Delay Spray in Pakistan Original, Peineili Delay Spray in Pakistan Side Effects, Peineili Delay Spray in Pakistan Online, Peineili Delay Spray in Pakistan Benefits, Peineili Delay Spray in Pakistan Medical Store, Peineili Delay Spray in Pakistan Imported Via Cash On Delivery.

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Peineili Penis Delay Spray for Men | 03007491666


Peineili Penis Delay Spray for Men in Website Salepakistan The Peineili Penis Delay Spray comes from one of the most respected brands in the industry. If you’re one of those men who never come close to thei :r orgasm and penile health goals, then it’s time for you to try Peineili
Tips for Best Use
Clean up, make sure there’s no urine.
Shave your pubic hair.
Wash your penis thoroughly.
Dry the whole area, before spraying.
Increase dosage if necessary
Don’t use if you have an allergy to ingredients


Peineili Delay Spray Available in Pakistan:


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How To Use:

Peineili Strong Spray control sensitivity of the Penis when sprayed to the head and works within 5 minutes of being sprayed
Once used you can have intercourse for up to 10 times longer than previously
Peineili Strong Delay Spray is recommended to anyone who has difficulty achieving full intercourse satisfaction because of premature ejaculation

Peineili Delay Spray description:

Product Name: Sex Delay Spray
Population: adults
Specifications: 15 ml
Category: augmented ability products, delayed exercise products, nourishing yin and strengthening Yang products;
Material: pure water, Syringa extract, Sophora flavescens extract
Product category: delayed spray
Packing list:
1*Sex Delay Spray

Peineili Delay Spray Price in Pakistan;

Powerful peineili delay spray, men delay cream 60 minutes long, prevent premature ejaculation, sex penis enlarge
Ingredient: sophora flavescens, Syzygium aromaticum, sapodilla fragilis lecidy, the bark of Japanese cinnamon

Usage of Peineili Delay Spray:

method of application: spray over the glans penis and coronary sulcus with this product 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, then spread evenly, this product is valid for about 60 minutes

Size: 50 ml




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Bast timing original spray

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