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Toto Gel in Pakistan

  • Price 4000 PKR

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Toto Gel in Pakistan;

What is Toto Gel?

Toto Gel in Pakistan is a nonirritating and non-greasy Gel that is safe and effective to use as a sex lubricant. It is a water-based lubricant that is used in intercourse or masturbation as a lubricant. It is a water-soluble product that is used to enhance lubrication during intercourse. Its main ingredient is glycerin. It is non-greasy and contains lubricating effects that can be reactivated with the addition of saliva or water. This gel gives a warming and tingling sensation to both of the partners. It is safe to use with condoms like latex and polypropylene. The gel is alcohol and fragrance-free. It is clean and clear and easy to use the product. This water-soluble Gel is an addition to vaginal lubricant help to have sex comfortably by increasing moisture.
Toto Gel Price in Pakistan It can be used before or during intercourse to minimize the discomfort due to the dryness of the vagina. It reduces vaginal dryness and gives additional moisture that quickly prepares you for sexual intimacy. Viamax Maximum Gel is designed to feel comfortable and natural to enhance your sexual intimacy. Vaginal dryness cause itching, irritation, burning, and pain during intercourse. It helps to reduce the dryness and enhance lubrication to feel natural. It is a thick gel formula that is nongreasy and stays where you want it and it prepares you for intimacy quickly.

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Toto Gel Available In Pakistan,

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How Toto Gel Works?

It is a water-based lubricant that works by reducing the dryness of the vagina. It gives moisture to the vagina to feel natural and comfortable while having sex. Toto Gel in Lahore is nongreasy and nonirritating that can stay where you want. It enhances sex pleasure and gives you more comfort while having sex. The gel works as your body lubricant. It doesn’t stay like petroleum Gel. It is Colorless and odorless which gives you more comfortable. This gel helps to feel natural and enhance sexual intimacy.

How To Use?

Spread appropriate measure of gel easily on the skin where you like.
Back rub for the body to body.
Back rub the spot or zone to a slip on the body.
Both males and females can utilize it.
Utilize a greasing up gel for sex.
To help themselves with their uncovered hands. Or on the other hand, it can be utilized with different gadgets.
Skin The skin is delicate, tricky quick use.
Help keep dry skin from cold or hot shower consistently.


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